EmmBoldened: A Philosopy

When I tell people about my site, they almost immediately and instinctively ask what’s it called. I promptly and almost too boldly answer “EMMBOLDENED“. It is simply derived from the English word ‘Emboldened’  which means to be made bold or to be courageous. I have conceptualized a lot of things in this life, I’m also pretty witty. But in all my days, of all my quips, the birth of this site and its name is one I am most proud of. I’ve been a writer since I could speak. I always had this thing for words; like a strong love affair. When I was younger, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on; promptly asking my father what new words meant and remembering them so that I could incorporate them into normal conversation. My compositions were nothing short of legendary and my high school poems still make me tear up when I read them. I am a writer, always have been, always will be.

However, I have always been shy to share, shy to air out my laundry even if it was grossly extrapolated and applied to a fictional character, afraid to be vulnerable enough to show people around me that I was not just intelligent, witty and stubborn, I am also a writer with an unusual way with words and an overactive imagination. I’ve had about five blogs before this; each with its own theme and style of writing. Each with a portfolio of poems, rants and short stories. I didn’t share any of them. I always reassured myself, “I just need an avenue for my amazingness.” and this in its own right is true; my writing is and always ha been my favorite way to work out life’s hurdles.

My writing is a haven that I don’t like to share; my heaven. I didn’t crave a regular following or a fan base; I still don’t. Even now, I still walk around with pieces so good they would launch my unfinished novel and my writing career, yet so deep I would crumble if you criticized the characters’ actions. This blog, like the five or six before it, is not solely for commercial gain, rather artistic therapy for me; and now for you. I write about those things that irk you deep down; those that you never speak of because you can never be sure any one else has ever felt the same way. I write about the things that excite you even if you know they shouldn’t; issues considered taboo to speak of, scenes too gory to show without an advisory.  I write deep! That’s just it. I write too deep sometimes; other times not deep enough. I write what resonates in me; the feelings so deep that you don’t wanna share cause you fear a bout of emotional diarrhea. But unlike this site’s predecessor sites, this is not a place for fear or shame; not for judgement or prejudice either. This is a place of emotion and imagination filled with all stories happy, sad and painful. A place where those who are unafraid to feel so deeply can dwell. Those unafraid to allow themselves to be enraged by a think-piece, unafraid to cry at a piece of poetry and unafraid to laugh out loud at a short story. For to live is to feel, and to feel is to live. This site is fearlessly and perfectly named as it is the home of courage, Emm’s courage. It is Emmboldened.

So stick around; open your mind and heart to the stories and experiences that I will all too lovingly share. But most importantly, be enlightened, be empowered, BE EMMBOLDENED.


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